ANDThe country enters the second phase of the de-escalation today to try to return to normality, leaving behind a trail of 515 deaths and 17,752 infected with the Covid-19 coronavirus, of whom 70 died between May 20 and this Monday. it was the first step in the economic and social revival.

In that first section of the de-escalation, 4,095 people contracted the Covid-19 in the country.

According to the authorities’ reopening plan, private land passenger transport, religious services in churches only on Sundays and with few people, as well as lottery games, among others, resume their activities today.

First phase balance

Since last May 20, when the first phase of the economic de-escalation began, to date, when the second phase begins, 4,095 new COVID-19 infections and 70 new deaths were registered in the country, but the fatality rate down 0.38%.

The bulletin 63 that collects the records until last May 20 has the notification of 13,657 confirmed cases, 448 deaths and a case fatality rate of 3.28%.

In yesterday’s special epidemiological bulletin, number 75, a total of 17,752 confirmed cases are registered, of which 180 were new, 13 new deaths for a cumulative total of 515, the number of people recovered is 11,075 and there are currently 6,162 sick people, that is, with the active virus.

The total number of laboratory tests processed the previous day was 1,194 for a cumulative total of 84,638, the case fatality rate was 2.90% and positivity was 18.41%.

National District

With the registration of 13 new deaths from COVID 19, the number of deaths in the country has risen to 515 since the start of the pandemic, while the National District and the Santo Domingo province continue to provide the highest number of infections with 115 of the 180 new ones notified in the last report.

The new deaths captured by the system were registered in the National District, for a cumulative of 75 deaths due to this respiratory disease; one in Puerto Plata for a record of 26 deaths; two in San Cristóbal to add 23; one in Santiago for 76 accumulated; three in Valverde for nine deaths; one in Monte Plata for a total of seven in that province and four in Santo Domingo for 89 accumulated deaths.

According to explanations offered by the interim director of Epidemiology, Dr. Adrián Puello, not all cases of deaths or positives occurred the day before, since a death from COVID can last up to 15 days before publication and a positive case up to five days before being placed in the special epidemiological bulletin due to the arduous process of purification and verification that it contains.

Of the positive cases, 1,989 patients are in hospital isolation and 4,173 in home isolation, while 111 of those hospitalized are admitted to intensive care units.

Catholic Church

With blue signs on the benches, which mark where each person should sit to respect social distancing, the Church of San Antonio de Padua is preparing to offer the services in person from this Wednesday, when the second phase of the de-escalated by the coronavirus in the country.

“The Dominican Episcopate Conference, through a circular sent to each parish, has set forth the recommendations that are already being implemented to receive the faithful,” said Father Kennedy Rodríguez, director of communications for the Archdiocese of Santo Domingo.


For the president of the Dominican Council of the Unida d Evangélica (CODUE), Feliciano Lacen Custodio, the protocol proposed by the High-Level Commission for the Prevention and Control of Coronavirus that establishes the gradual opening of Protestant faith communities from the second phase II of de-escalation is “explanatory and detailed” so that from Sunday they will carry out their services.


Ground transportation

In this phase, the collective transport of private urban and interurban companies may provide service, limiting the number of passengers to 60% of their capacity to keep their distance.

Lottery benches

Closed since last March 20, the lottery banks will reopen their operations today, as well as the electronic lotteries, the National Lottery with its daily draws and those for tickets on Sundays.

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