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On July 20, 2017, singer Chester Bennington died at the age of 41, leaving behind his wife and six children, however, he also left a vital part of his life: Linkin Park, the group that made him famous. international and that after four years of his death, they have not returned to be the same that once conquered millions.

With Linkin Park, the vocalist made his mark on music history with seven studio albums, but What happened to the band and its other members?

Six months after Chester passed away, the group released a new EP titled ‘Post Traumatic’ in memory of the one who was his partner with three songs:

It was Mike Shinoda, Park’s guitarist and keyboardist who shared the material with his followers as a tribute to the singer, however, it was just that and since that time they have not shared any more songs.

Later, due to the confinement derived from the pandemic, the group took a break, where according to Bassist Dave ‘Phoenix’ Farrell’s Statement, each of its members were writing and making compositions.

“We were writing and composing before all this (the pandemic) started. So at this point we are talking for Zoom to eat together and say hi. But we can’t get together and write. So we are working a little bit at home, developing ideas. “.

In recent days Shinoda surprised his followers and he talked about a song in collaboration with Bennington. He spoke of unreleased songs by the band.

“There was a song, a One More Light song … we mixed a couple more songs just to see if any of these would make it to the final cut and one of them was ‘Friendly Fire’, a track co-written by Jon Green and which was the last recording with Chester“.

In addition to ‘Friendly Fire’, the keyboardist announced a special commemorative edition with lithographs and extras from the 20th anniversary of his legendary album ‘Hybrid Theory’, which will be released on October 9.

In addition, will include the song ‘She Couldn’t’, which belonged to said album and was never released before.

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It should be remembered that Chester Bennington committed suicide in a private residence in Palos Verdes Estates, in Los Angeles County, after having suffered problems with drugs and alcohol over the years, where he also became a victim of abuse when he was just a kid.

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