Four values ​​in green and a technician of 10 in the Continuous

After the catastrophic financial year 2020, the new year arrived full of hope and, in some cases, good news. Although it is true that many sectors still experience certain irregularities that cause insecurity to investors and make the growth of some companies stagger, there are companies that have known how to take advantage of their resources, reinvent the business and make the value of their securities take off again .

If we analyze the more technical side of Continuous Market companiesWe find four of them that stand out above the rest with the highest possible score and positive indicators that reinforce the good growth rate. On this occasion, we are talking about Reno De Medici, Oryzon Genomics, Miquel y Costas and eDreams ODIGEO.

But in addition to the outstanding technician, they also stand out for their annual revaluation in green, which ranges from 9% in the case of Miquel y Costas, to 70% for eDreams ODIGEO.

Four values ​​of 10 in the Continuous Market

Reno De Medici has a lot to celebrate, from its historical maximum achieved on June 17 with 1,368 at the close, to the 10 points awarded by the stock market technical indicators, through the increases in the 43.71% in its annual accumulated.

If we take a closer look at its technical side, we can see how each and every one of the stock indices stands out as positive. First of all, the uptrend in the long and medium term, the total slow and fast positive moment, the increasing volume in the long and medium term and the range of decreasing amplitude in the long and medium term.

All this makes Reno de Medici a more than desirable option for any investor who wants to bet on the paper sector and, in this case, cardboard, since it is the second European producer of coated cardboard made from recycled fiber and the first in Italy, France and the Iberian Peninsula.

On the other hand, Oryzon Genomics, a security that, despite the irregularities it has experienced due to the current situation, has been able to rebuild and enhance its value by recovering the four euros at the close on June 18. Likewise, the company is positioned with a annual revaluation of 12.14%.

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“The biotechnology sector is no longer defensive, a safe haven value to become a hedge value that is maintained thanks to the great liquidity it presents in the market and they can begin to take positions so that the value can balance their portfolios. The investor is perceiving the real value of the company very clearly, hence its progress on the stock market, continuing with the work we are doing and publishing our essays ”, said Enric Rello, financial director of Oryzon Genomics at the Health and Safety table. Well-being directed by Investment Strategies.

And he stressed the importance of the work carried out by the company, “all with added value, beyond the necessary economic mentality of the investor, we are working on drugs that can save lives if they end up on the market, because we work on treatments that they do not exist on the market. Oryzon is like pepper on a plate in a two-star Michelin restaurant. Which gives it a different point, but always diversified in a portfolio ”.

For his part, Oryzon turns to the technician, with an impeccable outstanding that puts all the confidence in this value and in his marked uptrend.

The effect of the pandemic was very noticeable in the case of Miquel y Costas, which closed below 10 euros on March 19, 2020. However, he knew how to stop and turn around these results and managed to close the year already above 14 euros per share and although its price has had certain moments of recession during this first semester, it is already rising and is now around 16 euros per share.

All this has led him to position himself with a accumulated annual of 9.40% which, far from being among the first on this list in terms of annual appreciation, keeps it positive within the stock market.

How could it be otherwise, highlights its outstanding technical with 10 possible points, in an upward trend and all indicators in positive.

We close the list with one of the sectors that have been most affected by the coronavirus crisis, and that is that the restriction of mobility, complete for practically three months, struck down the tourism sector and took with it everyone who was part of this. This is why entering among the most outstanding values ​​of the Continuous Market has not been an easy task for eDreams ODIGEO, which is already showing a strong upward trend and is recovering thanks to the arrival of summer and the immunization of the population.

The value of the eDreams ODIGEO shares is already around 7 euros, after several weeks of exponential growth. Likewise, the travel company is positioned with an accumulated 68.23%, crowning itself as the value with the best annual revaluation of this list.

In addition, eDreams ODIGEO has recently signed an agreement with Travelport to expand its leading platform in flight content. In this way, eDreams will offer its customers more flight route options, including exclusive content from airlines and unique ancillary services.

The flight company also shines from its impeccable technician, with technical stock market indicators that give it the greatest possible confidence with a total score of 10. We find all indicators positive, from the long and medium-term trend, to the amplitude range, going through total momentum and volume.

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