The United States blamed the Iranian-backed militias for a recent, rapid succession of rocket attacks against the US presence in Iraq.

AP –

Baghdad.- Four rockets exploded within the fortified Green Zone of Baghdad, near the American embassythe Iraqi army said Thursday in the third attack since the United States began strategic talks with the new Iraqi government.

It was not immediately clear who was responsible for the attack, which caused no casualties or damage, but the United States blamed Iranian-backed militias for a rapid and recent succession of attacks with rockets against the American presence in Iraq.

The attacks are proving to be a key challenge for the administration of Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi, whose government has promised to take action against militias attacking US targets. The attack Thursday was the third since strategic talks began last week.

In a tweet, Al-Kadhimi said that the goal of the attack it was « undermining our stability and future » and it was « unacceptable ».

« I will not tolerate corrupt groups taking over our homeland to create chaos and find excuses to keep their interests limited, » he said.

The first session of the US-Iraq talks began last week and set the agenda for the coming months, including problems with the presence of US troops in the country, militia groups operating outside of state authority, and the Iraq’s dire economic situation.

During the talks, Iraq pledged to « move forward and meet its obligations » to protect the US presence against attacks by the militia, Deputy Secretary of State David Schenker said. But the attacks have continued.