Satan is a character present in the psyche of those who have been raised in the Christian religion. Since the Middle Ages were given a physical form (horns, figure between man and goat, details taken from the Greek satyr Pan), it has accompanied Western culture.

That is why art has represented it through its different manifestations, and cinema is not far behind. Since the beginning Mephistopheles, Lucifer, the Devil, and other names that have been given to the enemy of the god of the Bible, have taken the form of different actors.

Here we take Jack Nicholson, Robert De Niro, Gabriel Byrne and Al Pacino, for their popularity and for the way they have given character to this interesting character, present in different ways in films like « The Devil’s Seed » (Rosmery´s Baby, Roman Polanski, 1968); « The Exorcist » (The Exorcist, William Friedkin, 1973) or « The Day of the Beast » (Alex de la Iglesia, 1996).

« The Witches of Eastwyck » (The Witches Of Easwick, George Miller, 1987)
In this comedy, Cher, Susan Sarandon and Michelle Pfieffer are three women who realize that they have magical abilities, enough to invoke the devil, who appears in the form of Jack Nicholson with everything and his histrionic excesses. This will teach you better ways of witchcraft and at the same time your sexual skills.

« Satanic Heart » (Angel Heart, Alan Parker, 1987)
With a black police treatment, this film starring Mickey Rourke, Lisa Bonet and Charlotte Rampling, Robert De Niro plays the enigmatic Louis Cyphre (who pronounced sounds almost like Lucifer). Located in New Orleans in the 1950s, Rourke plays a private detective whom the De Niro character hires to find a man wounded in World War II.

« The Devil’s Advocate » (The Devil’s Advocate, Taylor Hackford, 1997)
Keanu Reeves is a brilliant lawyer, who has never lost a trial, so he is hired by a millionaire firm owned by John Milton (reference to the name of the author of the novel « Paradise Lost », from 1667) and who is played by Al Pacino.

« The end of the days » (End of Days, Peter Hyams, 1999)
With Arnold Schwarzenegger as the protagonist, it is a version of the arrival of the Antichrist and Satan, embodied here by Gabriel Byrne, he will come to New York in search of him, since the millennium is yet to come and it is the moment in which he can have a thousand years of reign. But he will have to face the strong Schwarzenegger.