At least four people were delayed, including a police officer, as a result of 13 raids carried out this Tuesday in Gran Rosario (@MinSegSF).

At least four people were delayed, including a police officer, as a result of 13 raids carried out this Tuesday in Gran Rosario for the murder of a former Newell’s Old Boys barrabrava linked to drug trafficking and the double crime of the weekend in Granadero Baigorria.

Among those apprehended is a policeman, Gabriel Godoy, whose home was shot last August.

The raids were carried out at the homes of Rosario, Fray Luis Beltrán and Granadero Baigorria. It was in this last city, bordering Rosario to the north, where Marcelo « Coto » Medrano was riddled with bullets last Thursday, a former Newell’s bar who served time for drug dealing.

Medrano was shot in front of his family as he was about to get into his car after making a purchase at a service station. A day later, Ezequiel Arrúa and Osvaldo Ibarra were found assassinated with shots to the head and hands tied with seals., in a wall of the Granadero Baigorria cemetery.

The thirteen raids this Tuesday They were ordered by prosecutors from the Organized Crime Agency of Rosario in the investigations of those three homicides, spokespersons for the case told ..

The detainees were identified as Jorge Omar “Negro Newells” V., Yanina Gabriela B. and Ellio Alejandro D.

Research sources indicated that Police Godoy was also delayed, who was accused in the trial for the disappearance and death of Paula Perassi -A woman from San Lorenzo- and was acquitted.

Among the raided places, the police arrived at the 5th police station in Puerto General San Martín, where they were looking for a policeman’s phone number, the investigators detailed.

As a result of the procedures, the Police seized several weapons, 600 thousand pesos in cash, 15 cell phones, a Volkswagen Golf with a hijacking request, a blue Audi A4 valued at 1 million pesos and a Dodge dump truck, reported the provincial Security portfolio.

It should be remembered that this Monday a 14 year old teenager was brutally shot to the head.

It all happened when Tiziana Espósito He was washing the dishes inside his house, located at 2700 Magallanes Street in the Urquiza neighborhood, and there was a shooting in the street and the young woman was hit by a 9 millimeter caliber bullet who entered through the window.

According to the witnesses who could see the murderers, two guys, one tall with a hat and another approximately 1.60 meters high, they walked by, stopped in front of the house where Tiziana lived with her parents and her younger brother and they opened fire on that and at least two other neighboring houses, as reported by the newspaper La Capital de Rosario.

After that, her father Hernán, an active police officer, loaded her into a car and took her to the Clemente Álvarez Emergency Hospital, where the young woman arrived practically without life.

There, the doctors quickly verified that the young woman, who was a week away from her 15th birthday, he had a gunshot wound to the center of his skull.

In Rosario, the violence does not stop and 143 homicides have already accumulated so far this year.

The girl’s father, according to local press, is a 32-year-old police officer who worked in the Investigative Police (PDI) and later in the new Investigation Agency (AIC) for a short period of time. According to reports, last week he had been assigned to the town of Fighiera, 40 kilometers south of the urban center.

Police sources in the province assure that the death of the teenager It was a mistake: the young woman died in the crossfire.

It is noteworthy that in Rosario the violence does not stop and homicides have already risen to 143 so far this year: so far in September 17 murders have already been committed.

This Monday also a young man was seriously injured after a shooting during a burial in the La Piedad cemetery.

The brutal attack It happened while a group of people was dismissing the remains of Iván Leguizamón, a 24-year-old boy who was murdered days ago in what is being investigated as a settling of accounts linked to drug trafficking. in the framework of a territorial dispute between gangs. Leandro Exequiel R., a friend of the deceased young man, received two gunshot wounds in the leg and in the head and remains hospitalized in serious condition.

Investigators in the area claim the new rise in homicides linked to organized crime in Rosario to a decrease in drug activity in the pandemic, to a drop in cash flow.

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