four days at De Graafschap

06/26/2021 at 10:01 CEST

Tomas Vaclik will play this Sunday against the Netherlands one of the most important matches of his career, in the round of 16 of the Eurocup. The goalkeeper of the Czech national team and Sevilla (contract ends on June 30 and will not continue in the Seville club) will surely remember his fleeting passage through Dutch football.

Four days. Literally: that was Valcik’s journey in the Eredivisie. He was signed by De Graafschap, a lift team from the city of Doetinchem, in July 2011, when he was 22 years old.

He had signed a contract for three seasons and was presented in a big way at the Villa Ruimzicht hotel in Doetinchem. The club boasted of having achieved his signing despite the interest of other more powerful clubs in the Dutch league, after Vaclik had excelled in the European Under-21 in Denmark, in which he reached the semifinals and was named the best goalkeeper of the tournament.

I think it is a good step for my future, this is a quiet club and I hope I can grow& rdquor ;, stated Vaclik during his presentation.

However, the De Graafschap doctors did not approve his review: they detected a heart problem which, in his opinion, disabled him from playing football. The club terminated his contract.

Vaclik, however, did not throw in the towel. He returned to his country to sign for his previous club, Viktoria Zizkov. Doctors in his country did not object to his continuing to play soccer. “Perhaps the Dutch cardiologists were too scrupulous& rdquor ;, his agent explained weeks later.

The Czech goalkeeper came to fear for his career, but over the years he has managed to build a good sports resume. He signed for Sparta Prague in 2012 and in 2014 he went to Basel. Four years later he arrived at Sevilla, with whom he was proclaimed champion of the Europa League.

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