Four characters to love Belén Cuesta a lot

We review some of the roles with which Belén Cuesta has won the public, Fotogramas de Plata for Best Actress

Bethlehem Cuesta accumulates works in his curriculum and thus it seems that he will continue. And we and we rejoice. The actress has been linking role after role, either on the small or on the big screen. The characters he has played are very varied. Cuesta has shown from the first moment how easy it was to make us laugh, which does not mean that he was serious when he played.

The public has become very fond of the actress, especially after having already left these works in the Spanish audiovisual. There are already many: ‘Eight Catalan surnames’, ‘The proclamation’, ‘In spite of everything’, ‘Advantages of traveling by train’, ‘Litus’, ‘Sentimental’. It already has a Goya and a Fotogramas de Plata. Today’s birthday, we review some of his most memorable characters:

‘Kiki, love is made’

Kiki, love is made

Paco León’s comedy was a shot of fresh air for the comedy of this country. Her character, also called Belén, stole scenes either crying inconsolably or serving at a bar counter. The actress was like a fish in water in this story where the characters explored their sexuality as well as their feelings.

‘Paquita Salas’

Belen Cost in Paquita Salas


The Paquita Salas universe has proven to have great power. Of all her colorful characters, if there is one that fans have great affection for, it is Magüi. The one called Malu during a chapter (without accent on the ú), is that faithful and noble assistant like herself, incapable of hurting anyone and capable, in her way of adapting to everything that comes her way, like that new showroom manager played by Terelu Campos. There we fell in love completely, but we loved Magüi from the musical number in which she shows her platonic love for Álex. Is it impossible not to fall for Magüi? Evidently.

‘The call’

Bethlehem costs in 'the call'

‘The call’

If Magüi conquered us at minute one, Sister Milagros was not far behind. The Javis had an eye and did not let the actress escape for this role. Both on stage and in the film version, Belén endowed this wonderful character with love. How not to fall asleep before the version of ‘All the flowers’?

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‘The infinite trench’

the infinite trench, belen cost

‘The infinite trench’

As we have commented, Bethlehem has moved like a fish in water in comedy. Of course, when it was time to get serious, it has become serious like the most until we are moved. To show your Rosa, the co-star of that story about a marriage that we know throughout the decades of Francoism. Living between fear and lies, the heart of ‘The infinite trench’ was in her. Thanks to this character, the Andalusian won her first Goya.

The thing does not stay there. We will see her soon in the last chapters of ‘La casa de papel’.

Belen costs with his goya through the infinite trench

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