Foundation, series based on the novel by Isaac Asimov, reveals impressive trailer

Apple TV + fully intends to give television a spin this fall with Foundation, the new series in which an exorbitant amount of money has been spent and in which they try to tell the amazing story of the homonymous novel by Isaac Asimov. A few hours ago a new teaser trailer was presented and it is being a success among users of social networks. Is a new sci-fi hit coming from the small screen? In the following paragraphs we discuss all the details.

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Foundation presents the story of a complex human network scattered by planets throughout the galaxy at the service of a great empire. The novel of Asimov It was published in 1951 and since then it has been an essential reference in science fiction, offering some sustainable concepts for reality and that in the future could be much more relevant than we now think. The Apple TV + series will be a deep approach to the ideas of the Russian and nationalized American writer.

The new teaser trailer presents us with a series of surprising images, some new and others already seen in the trailer released by the company last year. It will have ten chapters and has a release date scheduled for September 24, the day on which the first three will be released. You can check out the recent trailer below:

Science fiction is a genre that has always been of vital importance in the entertainment industry. With the adaptation of Foundation, Apple TV + intends to face other blockbusters in the same vein that will soon reach the small and big screen, an incredible effort to narrate the perspectives of the future that emerged in the mind of a single person and that could be linked, from somehow, with the future that awaits us.

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Foundation will feature performances by major Hollywood stars such as Jared Harris, who will play Hari Sheldon; Lee Pace, Lou llobell, Leah harvey, Laura birn and many more. The scriptwriters of the series have turned three of the most important male characters into women, this with the aim of giving viewers a fair representation. The fans are confident that the change will be effective and a height adaptation will be seen. Will it be on everyone’s lips by the time it hits streaming in less than three months?

With Foundation, Apple TV + is likely to want to compete with The Problem of Three Bodies, the adaptation of the novel by Cixin Liu coming to Netflix at some point in the future. The biggest fear with this series is that it will be in charge of the same Game of Thrones showrunner – 59%, and let’s remember that the end of that show was not what everyone expected, in fact it consists of one of the biggest disappointments in the history of television. Some readers have already lost hope that it could be a production that lives up to the novels; the series does not have a release date.

On the other hand, Fundación would also be thought to have a rivalry with Dune, the film by Denis Villeneuve and produced by Warner Bros. that aims to become a complex saga over the following years. The film is also an adaptation for one of the most relevant science fiction novels of the 20th century, often considered the best of the genre by readers. The future will be more sci-fi than ever thanks to all these productions and we hope that some of their concepts will present us with all kinds of reflections and possibilities for humanity.

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