Foto Niurka sunbathes with tight bikini that highlights her rear | Instagram

The pretty vedette from the island of cuba Niurka Marcos shared a new photo on her Instagram account where she appears sunbathing while wearing a tight bikini.

Niurka is characterized by being an extremely attractive woman with a dreamy body, thanks to the fact that she constantly exercises and maintains her curves instead.

It is also known for being quite irreverent and above all saying things as you think as they say well “He has not mincing words”, so your comments can exalt or break anyone.

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He is currently fifty-two years old and has a body of twenty, people from Cuba are characterized by having bodies athletic and sculptural, they are fascinated by dancing for this reason it is normal to see Cubans wearing bodies but perfect if well outlined.

“A greeting with love to all my people ……. a tan to my CUBANITO …….”, he wrote in his publication.

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Marcos is lying on a cot sunbathingShe is lying on her stomach so that her protruding rear can be seen in the background while wearing a very tight blue bikini that further highlights her attribute.

Look at Niurka’s photo, click here.

Due to the quarantine that is being lived at present, Niurka carries out various activities to entertain oneself, one of them is exercising a lot and, as you can see, taking a delicious sun bath.

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The Cuban is considered a excellent mother, she has been able to educate her children who, like her, are all warriors and excellent people, she even instilled in them the love of exercise because on several occasions they have been seen practicing together and the results can be seen with the naked eye.

The fact that you are locked up and quarantined in your house is not synonymous with staying up all day, this example of Niurka It is excellent for keeping your body active and not bored.

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