Fortnite has been bringing the world of music and the world of video games together for years. First with EDM producer Marshmello, then Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo introduced an island as part of promoting his album, The Black Album, and finally with the amazing presentation by Travis Scott, Astronomical to name a few parties.

Fortnite realized at Scott’s event that he had unearthed a gold mine gathering more than 12 million people for the event. Now, they decided to expand their range of possibilities in the world of entertainment and set their sights on the cinema, specifically in the director’s Christopher Nolan.

‘Fortnite: Splashdown’ trailer. Credit: Fortnite YouTube

To start with the Fortnite-Nolan alliance, Epic Games used its platform to showcase the first preview of its upcoming and highly anticipated movie Tenet. this past May 21. In that same announcement, Fortnite detailed the alliance and the start of the Movie Nites at their Party Royale where they would screen full Christopher Nolan movies.

Today (June 24), Epic Games announced that it will broadcast three greats of Nolan’s filmography at the island’s theater this coming Friday, June 26. Films chosen for screening include Inception, Batman Begins and The Prestige. Yes, those crazy ones. And no, this is not a dream within a dream.

Epic Games also announced that depending on the region you are in the world is the film that will be broadcast. In other words, only one film will be shown per region and not all three. So that leads us to the question: what movie did Mexico play? … Let the drums sound … The one chosen to be screened in Mexico and the region is the one starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page, Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy, Inception.

In order to see this cool movie, they have three different times to have some good popcorn. The first function it’s a real matinee at 11:00 am. If it is too early you can reach the function of llate at 5:55 pmbut if your thing is to watch a movie before bed the 11:00 pm function

Photo: Special

In other Fortnite events the next Master Party awaits you, which will present producer Diplo with his event “Diplo Presents: Thomas Wesley” with Noah Cyrus and Young Thug. This event will also be this next June 25 at 8 pm Mexico City time. Wow we will have a busy week thanks to Fortnite.

Master Party: Fortnite announces concert with Diplo, Noah Cyrus, and Young Thug