‘Fortnite’ will hold the ‘Night of Shorts’ event and we tell you how to watch it

Fortnite It is no longer just one of the most popular video games today, it has also become the scene of important events and presentations. Thus, for example, we have seen musical acts like the Travis Scott, Weezer, Major Lazer and many other incredible deliveries such as Movie Night that was put together in June 2020…. Well, as on this last occasion, the game is now preparing another meeting to have a great time.

Epic games knows that awards season is upon us and wants to join the celebrations with a rather interesting event that will be named Short Night. So, gamers who love cinematography, pay attention that here we will tell you how the whole wave is.

Big Screen where the shorts will be screened at the event. Photo: Epic Games

‘Fortnite’ prepares the ‘Night of Shorts’

When there is no plan for the weekend – especially with all the pandemic roll – it is best to stay home, prepare a snack and watch a good movie. Epic Games knows this well and that is why it will bring Fornite this event where we will see some funny and entertaining animated shorts to spend the time.

Next Saturday, February 20, players will be able to access the Short Night from 1:00 pm (Mexico time) to seer 12 short films that will be broadcast continuously for a whole day. And there is no excuse to miss it because this peculiar ‘film festival’ will end at the same time but on the 21st of the same month. Best of all: you will not have to worry as there will be the option to enable subtitles to the language you like.

Photo: YouTube Capture


How to see the event?

There is no loss to enter the Fortnite Short Night, which will last 30 minutes. The first thing you should know is that the short films will be screened on the big screen found in the option Party Royale / Fiesta Campal (the event will also be available at Camp battle, but the repetitions of the event will be done every two hours).

If you don’t remember how to find the stage, here we tell you. First, you know, you select the mode Party Royale and once you’re in, You must find the point on the map that we show you below. That is where the island’s big screen is located.

Map of Fiesta Campal to identify the big screen. Photo: Epic Games

Also, to celebrate and have a good time at this event, Fortnite will release a new gesture called ‘Big Popcorn’ from a day before, so that the cinematographic experience is total. Now if you prefer, you can prepare your popcorn at home and have a good time.

Next we leave you the launch trailer in which you can see some of the shorts that can be seen at the event Short Night. We also leave you a list so you can find out what footage can be seen. Some have even been considered for Oscars and BAFTAs!

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