Fortnite: this clue suggests that The Rock could make it to the Battle Royale

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Fortnite is a video game that has a large number of viewers, thanks to the importance in popular culture that it has gained in almost 3 years, several artists, franchises or companies have found the opportunity to collaborate with it, either through concerts or other events that, in addition to attracting players, keep the title valid. Thus, this game has received fighters, movie characters, video games, singers and it seems that The Rock could be on its way to the game.

What has made fans think this way is an interesting appearance by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in which many identified a curious similarity to the character design of Fortnite.

As we told you, a couple of days ago, Macy did not miss her traditional giant balloon parade that she holds to celebrate Thanksgiving. In this edition, it was striking that an incredible La Roca balloon debuted that captures the iconic appearance of the acclaimed actor in a photograph from his youth, in which he is seen wearing a black turtleneck sweater, a silver necklace and a fanny pack (fanny pack).

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Could a rock skin come to Fortnite?

What is striking is that the inflatable bears a great resemblance to the Fortnite characters, which gave fans something to talk about. However, the most interesting comment was the one made by user BD on Twitter, due to the fact that Dwayne Johnson himself responded. In the message, precisely BrandonDavisBD asks why the inflatable of The Rock seems from Fortnite and the user JoshErenberg replied that he did not give them ideas. Right after, La Roca appeared, saying that he had been ahead of him with that idea.

Of course, The Rock does not confirm that a skin will arrive in the game, but it could be taken as a hint that he has already planned or at least the idea of ​​going to the Battle Royale has crossed his mind. In addition, it would not be unreasonable for the actor to appear in the game, taking into account that he is one of the most recognized celebrities today. At the time of writing this note, he has more than 200 million followers on Instagram.

Likewise, we also inform you that the Young Rock biographical series is in production, which will debut in February 2021 through NBC, so it would be an excellent idea to promote its premiere with a skin for the game.

Finally, we remind you that La Roca is no stranger to the world of video games. Dwayne Johnson was one of the first Microsoft partners to help promote the original Xbox and recently did a collaboration to support a charitable cause together with Microsoft to commemorate the premiere of the Xbox Series X | S.

We will keep you informed. Below you can see La Roca’s balloon in collaboration with NBC.

What do you think of this idea? Do you think The Rock could come to Fortnite in the form of a skin? Tell us in the comments.

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