Fortnite: the fearsome Predator is on its way to Battle Royale

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Weeks ago we had told you about several findings that made Fortnite players think that the Epic Games title would include content from Predator or Predator, as we know it in our region. Well, apparently the suspicions of the fans were correct, since a collaboration with this film franchise has already been confirmed and clues indicate that it is a matter of time before the players can meet the fearsome alien hunter.

The current season of Fortnite has caused the collision of various universes of the entertainment medium. Thanks to a device, Agent Jones has recruited the main hunters in history, so it is possible to find characters such as The Mandalorian, the Master Chief, Kratos and Daryl and Michonne in the game.

The v15.20 update is now available in Fortnite and in addition to including a lot of new content, it is striking that within these novelties are several challenges related to the Predator series, which dataminers have found in the title.

Shortly after the activation of the new version, the official Fortnite account shared a mysterious clip in which the Fish Stick character is seen greeting a ship or its crew. In case you don’t know, this ship has the design of the Predator, so Epic Games would be hinting at its imminent appearance.

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More pints hint that players will be able to find the Predator soon

But that’s not all, as there is also unofficial information, which the dataminers have found in the newest files of the game. Such is the case with the Battle Pass challenges, which point out that they will apparently reward players with Predator items.

So far, an icon for the banner with the face of the Predator, an emoticon with the design of the plasma cutter, as well as a backpack accessory with a design of an alien skull have been confirmed, which would be unlocked as part of the series of Jungle Hunter missions, as reported by iFireMonkey

That said, the clues suggest that the Predator will appear at some point in Season 5 of Chapter 2 and some point out that it is possibly the hidden outfit of this season’s Battle Pass. An image of what the Predator will look like has not yet been found, but apparently players will be able to find it in 2 versions, one with a mask and one without. However, there is still uncertainty about whether the character will be available as an outfit, but clues indicate that he will at least be an NPC and could appear as a boss.

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The season is far from over, so there is still time for more hunters to join the Battle Royale. There are even some players who believe that Samus would have his deserved place in the title, in what would be one of the most unusual crossovers.

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