‘Fortnite’ prepares to welcome ‘Street Fighter’ in its next season

The fortnite multiverse is about to welcome Street fighter. According to the latest information from data miners, the next event of the popular battle royale will be focused on the fighting classic.

The images leaked by ShiinaBR show some pieces of the Ryu’s scenario in Street Fighter II, while a portal called Skirmish has already appeared in the Burning Sands and confirms the above. When approaching, the music is heard in the background, although somewhat distorted

The arrival of Ryu as a skin for Fortnite It is an important step, although we do not know if it will be a robust crossover with the presence of more Street Fighter fighters, Marvel style. The Epic Games game is characterized by adding video game characters and proof of this is Master Chief or Kratos, who joined Season 5.

As with other skins, Ryu it would be a purely cosmetic item. Fortnite could add the hadouken or shoryuken as exclusive gestures, although these would have no impact on the gameplay. For now, it is unknown what Epic Games’ plans are for its next season, but at least it is clear that it will have to do with the historic fighting franchise.

Two ‘Street Fighter’ characters are coming to the ‘Fortnite’ Item Shop

Street fighterThe fighters we want to see in ‘Fortnite’

According to Eurogamer, it will be two characters that will arrive in the Item Shop of the game in the coming days. The identity is a mystery, since the files remain encrypted, although one is presumed to be Ryu.

Another latent possibility is that Epic adds other Street Fighter characters to the Fortnite Club. With Ryu and possibly Chun-Li available to the general public, members of the subscription program could receive at Ken, Guile, Blanka or any other iconic fighter. This would be a hook to attract more people, since the skins or items that are offered to subscribers remain exclusive.

The Fortnite Club is a monthly paid subscription that includes the Battle Pass, 1,000 gift V-Bucks, and cosmetic rewards for members only. Since the end of 2020, Epic Games has been looking for a way to capitalize on the popularity of its battle royale with a subscription that keeps players glued to the screen.

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