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Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is on the way. Epic Games decided to delay its start date for a few days, so it will now be available from June 11.

Despite the fact that the next season of the Battle Royale will be a few days away, we already saw its first image. This was made possible because the PlayStation Store revealed in advance an art from the new stage of the game.

The interesting thing is that this leak reinforces theories about the changes that will take place in the Battle Royale games, specifically on the map.

This is how the first image of the new season of Fortnite looks

The Battle Royale page on the PlayStation Store was recently updated. The main icon of the game changed and shows us the first image or art of Season 3 of Chapter 2.

The icon shows the classic battle bus, but what is striking is the rest of the image, which gives us a clue to the future of the island. As you can see below, the island is completely submerged, so only water and some palm trees are shown in the background.

As you probably already know, filters have found several clues that suggest the island will be flooded and there will be new water-related mechanics. Recent findings indicate that players will be able to swim and dive.

Importantly, Epic has shared no further information on these changes. However, the community is convinced that something will happen at the end of season event that will flood most of the island. Below I leave you the filtered image.

Fortunately, we will have to wait shortly for the start of Season 3 of Chapter 2. Epic Games will probably reveal more information about it in the coming days, before the start of Doomsday. Of course, here we will have all the details about the event and the new season.

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