Fortnite: Epic lashes out at Apple and Google with lawsuit in UK

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The legal conflict between Epic Games and Apple continues, as it is expected that this year the trial between companies will take place. Fortnite managers decided to take the lead and expand the battle in the UK courts.

According to a recent report, Epic Games filed a new lawsuit against Apple and Google before the Competition Court of Appeal. The reason? Epic believes that both companies have abused their dominant position in the market and are part of anti-competitive practices.

Epic seeks to get authorities to acknowledge that the removal of the Battle Royale from the App Store and Google Play was an illegal move. He also wants some company terms and policies to be carefully reviewed.

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Conflict between Epic, Apple and Google spreads

Thanks to a report from GamesIndustry we know that the new complaints were filed in the UK on December 8 and 29, but it is until now that they have been made public. The lawsuit seeks that Fortnite returns to the Apple and Google stores, and that both companies allow offering direct payments to Epic through the game.

Tim Sweeney’s company wants Apple to not be able to restrict the download of the Epic Games Store on any of its devices at some point. It also seeks that not all payments are forcibly handled through the App Store.

Regarding the demands for Google, Epic wants to stop imposing the pre-installation of Google Play on Android devices in the UK. This requires that Google allow agreements for the pre-installation of the Epic Games Store with various manufacturers.

“We believe this is an important argument on behalf of consumers and developers in the UK and around the world who are affected by the misuse of market power by Apple and Google,” said Tera Randall, Vice President of Communications and Epic policies.

The study stressed that it does not seek to harm Apple or Google in regions such as the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia, as it simply wants fair access and competition that benefits consumers.

Apple lashes out at Epic Games’ legal moves

As you can imagine, the new demand by Epic Games did not leave Apple indifferent. The company in charge of Tim Cook pointed out that the App Store has been a space for developers, who have been able to bring their ideas to users through applications that have changed the world.

For this reason, they always work to make the store environment safe and reliable, so they have to resort to certain policies. He also acknowledged that Epic has been one of the most successful developers in the store; however, it did not respect the agreements it initially accepted.

“In a way that a judge has described as deceptive and clandestine, Epic enabled a feature in their app that was not reviewed or approved by Apple, and did so with the express intention of violating App Store guidelines that apply equally. to all developers and protect customers, “said an Apple representative.

In closing, the company claimed that Epic’s behavior has been reckless and that it “turned customers into pawns.” Apple confirmed that it will do the same in the UK courts to defend its position.

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