FormulaTV, 17 years without taking his eyes off television

It is no secret to say that television is constantly evolving. If we look back 17 years ago, nothing was the same as it is now. The way of seeing it has radically changed and the way of making the content has nothing to do with it either. We have had to adapt to new ways of consumption and to new screens and devices. But if something hasn’t changed in all this time, beyond Jordi Hurtado, is our passion for television and our desire to talk about her daily.

FormulaTV turns 17

In the last year, television has kept us more company than ever. The Covid-19 pandemic led us to confinement in which television consumption grew due to the search for entertainment and the need to be informed of all the last hours. This shows us the importance that the small screen still has today for each one of us in particular and for society in general.

And of course, FormulaTV has also been there. On February 19, 2004, this portal dedicated to television was born, created by people passionate about this medium for people who shared the same enthusiasm for the news of this medium. Already in its beginnings, it became a benchmark for offering audiences, providing the most important information for our users and creating exclusive content. Maintaining all this, FormulaTV has become over the years an informative reference and the most visited independent specialized television medium in Spain. And, furthermore, we continue to be the largest Spanish-speaking television community.

We continue to bet on our own production with the arrival of new sections

FormulaTV’s own production has always been one of the great bets of the medium. Since our inception, we have always attached importance to video, treating it as a tool that could go hand in hand with the information we publish in text. In this way we began to carry out interviews and video reports, and little by little we have been creating our own sections, either on specific spaces or on television in general.

‘Formula OT’, ‘Eurovision Diaries’, ‘Yes, MasterChef’, ‘The voice of the people’, ‘How we have changed’, the debates ‘The island of temptations’ or ‘Survivors’, ‘Alejandra Castelló’s diary’ or the premieres of the week are some of the sections that over time are already gaining their own identity, within all the content that FormulaTV offers. Now, just turned 17, We are going to celebrate them with the arrival of a new season of ‘Neighborhood TV’ in which nostalgia, reunions and the present will continue to be the order of the day.

Some of the FormulaTV sections, among those that continue and those that are to come

Also, this celebration item is the perfect occasion to announce the premiere of two new sections that will arrive in the coming weeks to continue promoting our own content. On the one hand, we will comment on everything that happens in ‘Drag Race Spain’ in a fun and carefree way; On the other hand, the scriptwriter and director Manuel Ríos San Martín arrives as a collaborator at FormulaTV with his own collection of videos telling countless curiosities of all the series in which he has worked.

Our commitment to documentaries also continues, where we can deal in more detail with aspects of television that deserve greater depth. After premiering ‘Pride of fiction’, ‘Comedic’ or ‘Has’ Friends ‘expired?’, From the editorial team of FormulaTV we are already working on new themes to release throughout 2021.

Unstoppable growth in social networks

If something is also growing in FormulaTV, it is our community on social networks, where you, the users, you are showing your support every day, commenting on the news and enjoying all the content. In this way, our Facebook page continues to be unstoppable, exceeding 425,000 followers, we have 325,000 followers on Twitter and more than 40,000 on Instagram. On YouTube, we have recently overcome the 200,000 subscriber barrier, something that encourages us to create more content for our channel that has already exceeded 142 million views throughout its history. What’s more, We have started on Twitch and TikTok, where we have already exceeded 100,000 followers, to offer innovative content through all the avenues that arise.

We are about to come of age, but we still have 12 months to go to enjoy these 17 years that we fulfill today. It is an important figure, a number with multiple meanings, but above all, an amount that is still small taking into account the route that FormulaTV still has ahead, informing and entertaining you every day with what it is as the main backdrop. our passion: television.