Formula 1 will not postpone the regulation change to 2023

In the last hours there has been speculation that Formula 1 could delay the long-awaited change of regulations that is called to reduce the differences that exist between the teams to 2023. This is something that would be a setback for teams that were confident they could hunt down Mercedes. Especially Alpine, who hopes Fernando Alonso be champion again Ferrari, which has Carlos Sainz and with Leclerc to end the reign of Lewis Hamilton.

According to the Italian press, Formula 1, which has already delayed the regulation change from 2021 to 2022 due to the coronavirus, is considering delaying it one more year due to the delicate economic situation that Great Britain, where seven of the ten teams are based, have their headquarters. Faced with the stir caused by this information, a Formula 1 spokesperson stated in Autosport: “Any suggestion that the 2022 rules will be delayed is incorrect and has not been analyzed. The new rules are designed to improve competition on the track and to offer our fans a tighter competition. This, in combination with the new financial rules, will improve F1 and create a stronger and healthier business model for the entire sport. “

The coronavirus has economically affected the teams

Formula 1 teams will see their income reduced in 2021 compared to the previous season due to the pandemic. As we have told in OKDIARIO, Ferrari will be the team that enters the most. In total he will pocket 166 million of pounds, 55 fewer than entered in 2020. Regarding the top three teams in the Constructors’ World Cup, Mercedes will receive 160 million pounds in 2021 by 196 earned in 2020. Red Bull, for its part, will pocket 146 million for the 168 who entered the previous campaign; while McLaren will receive 127 million pounds for 110 that was perceived or in 2020.

It should be noted that in 2021 the ‘budget ceiling‘ of 117 million of dollars, within which neither the salaries of the pilots, nor that of the three highest paid executives, nor marketing, nor administration, nor travel expenses nor motor payments enter. Also that 2021 will be the last year in which it is entered according to the ‘Ecclestone Scale’. From 2022, thanks to Pact of Concord, the best classified teams will enter less in favor of the worst classified so that Formula 1 is increasingly even.

Fernando Alonso, against the postponement of the regulation to 2023

During the presentation of the A521, Laurent Rossi, who will be Fernando Alonso’s new boss after the departure of Cyril Abiteboul, commented: “Formula 1 is at the heart of this project and although 2021 is a year of transition, for us and for all, in 2022 we want to be constantly on the podium”.

Looking ahead to that year, Fernando Alonso has noted: “Next season there will be a continuation of Mercedes’ dominance, but in 2022 we have high hopes. The goal is clear 2021 year of preparation, of integration with the team where a podium would be fantastic, but in 2022 with the regulation change, dreaming of winning and being up again”.

For his part, a four-time world champion like Alain Prost, has recognized: “I don’t see anyone beating Mercedes in 2021; in 2022, maybe Renault and Alonso”.

Ferrari and Carlos Sainz also aspire to be champions in 2022

During Carlos Sainz’s presentation, Mattia Binotto, who will be his new boss in the Italian team, confessed: “Honestly think about victories … The advantage is very great and I don’t think we are close, you never know what happens in the races and I hope there is an opportunity that we can take advantage of, but we need to be realistic, they will continue to be strong, I don’t think they have taught everything because they have also done things heading into 2021 and it would be unrealistic to fight for the championship”.

And it is that, according to the Italian: “2022 is more importantIdeally, we would have put all the effort there, but we will have to find the balance between one from the tests and the other already from the month of January that we can work on both, find where to invest time and money without forgetting that we are Ferrari and we cannot have another year like that. You can close the disadvantage in 2022 if you start well, and even then you can not”.

This is something that Binotto insisted on the last time he was questioned about it: “I think 2022 will be more important than 2021, as we are going to experience the first season of a technical change. The gap will be closed automatically that year, but the next will be more complicated. Thus, I think 2022 will be a priority next year”.

It is clear that teams like Alpine or Ferrari, who are willing to take 2021 as a transitional year to focus on fighting back for victories in 2022, would be seriously affected if the regulation change is postponed until 2023. Luckily for both teams, this will not be the case.