Formula 1 | Surrealist: He attends the Dutch GP and is arrested after being mistaken for an Italian mafia boss

If the Monza Grand Prix left us one of the images of the season on the track with the accident between Verstappen and Hamilton, the Netherlands Grand Prix has also given us a surreal story out of it a week later.

A 54-year-old English fan came to the circuit with his son and a friend to enjoy the weekend of races and ended up in prison. The reason? He was mistaken for an Italian mafia boss persecuted internationally.

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‘Mark L’, a nickname that has been used to refer to the subject, was eating in The Hague after the race when he was surprised by local authorities and arrested on the spot. Mark was blindfolded in front of his family, being mistaken for Matteo Messina Denaro.

Matteo Messina is the ‘Capo di tutti capi’ of Cosa Nostra and has been searching and capturing since 1993, when he carried out a bomb attack in which 10 people died and 93 were injured. With all the European police behind him, and with a life sentence under his arm, ‘Mark L’ was held accountable to the Dutch authorities in a maximum security prison because of the confusion.

Hours later, and after verifying that the subject they were looking for was wrong, ‘Mark L’ was released without charge, in one of the most surreal experiences of his life: “It’s like a bad movie, a nightmare in which my client has been involved. Imagine, one moment you are eating and the next you are sitting in a Dutch maximum security prison “he explained.

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