Formula 1 | New shot of the Verstappen-Hamilton accident: Shocking 360º of the impact

The FIA ​​and Formula 1 have released a new take on the crash between Vestappen and Hamilton at Monza from an angle never seen before. A 360º shot from the front of both cars they make us relive from within the very serious accident in which the halo saved the life of Lewis Hamilton.

Formula 1

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The sound and the image shudder seeing Verstappen’s car pass over Hamilton’s head, who froze inside the cock-pit after what happened. It was on lap 26 and both went to the gravel at Turn 1 after the crash, and finally the Dutch driver was sanctioned with three positions in the next Grand Prix because of the action.

Italian Grand Prix

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Italian Grand Prix

FIA sanctions Verstappen after spectacular accident with Hamilton

09/12/2021 AT 16:59

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