Carlos Sainz will be again the only Spaniard on the grid, in his last year before sitting in the Ferrari, while there is still speculation about the possible return to Formula 1 of a Fernando Alonso who does not close the doors to get back on a Grand Circus car in the future. However, the presence of a single Spanish driver behind the wheel of a Formula 1 car does not diminish the monitoring of the sport in Spain. If you are a four-wheel fan and want to know where and how to watch the F1 World Cup, which platform you should subscribe to or if you have some way to watch it for free, Below we tell you all the keys to see the appointments and do not miss a detail of what happens on the circuits. At the moment the confirmed schedule after the coronavirus stoppage has been updated with eight races, but Formula 1 has advanced that the remaining Grand Prix will be set soon.

Racing calendar

GP Austria – July 5 GP Styria – July 12 GP Hungary – July 19 GP Great Britain – August 2 Silverstone GP – August 9 Spain GP – August 16 Belgium GP – August 30 Italy GP – September 6

See F1 in Spain

Movistar F1

The only way to see Formula 1 legally in Spain is to contract the Movistar F1 channel that is offered within the Movistar + platform. But beware, neither the free channel nor we can subscribe only to it. To be able to contract the Movistar F1 channel, you must have previously contracted Movistar +, which is only possible by being the holder of a Fusion package, which increases costs and makes it difficult for motor fans to contract it.

The Fusion package, in addition to being high-priced, also includes fiber and mobile, so if you are not a Movistar client, you must carry out a portability from your current company to the blue company to be able to contract it. The price of the channel is 7 euros, to which you must add the cost of the package you want to hire and, depending on the different options (sports, cinemas, premium), the final price will be more or less high.

Movistar formula 1

Watch online

Perhaps you are a client of another telecommunications company or you simply do not want to contract the Movistar FusiĆ³n package, but this would be the only legal option to see all Formula One in Spain through the Internet, with the Movistar + application. You need to be a client of the platform and also have hired the Movistar F1 channel. With the app you will be able to see all the content and see the races in deferred again.

OMV Movistar Coverage


There is another option to see the Formula 1 World Cup online, but it is not available in our country. This is the official broadcast of the championship, F1TV Pro, where all F1, F2, F3 races and the Porsche Supercup are broadcast live. This service, as we say, not available in our country, but yes in others in our environment such as Portugal or France if you want and you can try to use it through a VPN, with prices that vary but in those two cases in particular cost 5.99 euros and 7.99 euros per month respectively.

With F1TV Pro you can access all the live training sessions, the cameras on board the carsYes, the drivers’ radios, instantly timed times, on-demand replays and a nice package of options that will do wonders for motor buffs.

Formula 1

Through the antenna

This option to see F1 this season Perhaps it is a little more complicated, due to the infrastructure and technical knowledge that it requires to carry it out, but perhaps it is a good idea if you have the necessary means and do not mind watching the races in another language. The German RTL channel, available through the Astra satellite, has the rights to open-air Formula 1 in Germany, so we could ‘get hooked’ on its broadcast to be able to watch the entire F1 World Cup without having to pay an added cost. RTL is seen open on Astra on the frequency 12187.50 H DVB-S QPSK 27500 3/4. You can also receive the Movistar signal through the antenna, beyond doing so by connecting to the Internet.

Satellite dish to see formula 1

Do you see it on Vodafone or Orange? And in DAZN?

Not, neither of the two platforms includes among its television offers the option of hiring the Formula 1 channel, which is exclusive to Movistar. As it is also included in a complete offer of fiber and mobile, the clients of these two platforms who want to see the Formula 1 World Championship must change all their services to Movistar and contract a fusion package to be able to contract Movistar F1. Nor DAZN, unlike what happens to see MotoGP in 2020, it has among its list of competitions Formula 1, since the rights were granted to Movistar in 2016 when this platform did not yet exist.

F1 dazn

Is it open view?

No, for years there has been no possibility of seeing Formula 1 in Spain open. The only option for fan of the Great Circus To see all the races on television in Spain is, as we have previously mentioned, hiring the Movistar F1 channel or betting on VPN services to try other methods.

Other countries

Another option that motor fans have to see the Formula 1 World Championship is go to the different national televisions from each of the countries that broadcast the competition, both to look for a chain with open broadcasting and to try to contract a payment package that is more affordable or complete for the coverage you are looking for, using a VPN to be ‘located’ in that country for it. Here we leave you the complete list of holders of the broadcasting rights of the F1 World Cup, in case you move to any of these countries and want to know how to watch the races of each Grand Prix.

Albania – RTSH * Andorra – Movistar F1 ** Australia – Network Ten *, Foxtel4K * and Fox Sports ** Austria – Sky Sport ** Belgium – Play Sports **, Sporza ** and RTBF La Deux * Bosnia – Sport Klub ** Bulgaria – Diema Sport ** Brazil – Globe * and SporTV ** China – CCTV-5 **, Guangdong Sports * and Mad Sports ** Croatia – Arena Sport ** and SPTV * Czechia – Sport 1 ** Cyprus – CytaVision ** Denmark – TV3 + ** Estonia – Telia Live ** Finland – C More Max ** France – Canal + ** and TF1 * (Four races) Germany – RTL * and Sky Sport ** Greece – Cosmote Sport ** Hungary – M4 Sport * * India – Star Sports ** Indonesia – Trans 7 * Ireland – Sky Sports F1 ** Israel – Sport 5 ** Italy – Sky Sport F1 **, and TV8 (Five races live, the others delayed) * Japan – Fuji TV Next ** Kosovo – Art Sport ** Latin America – Fox Sports ** Liechtenstein – SRG SSR * and Sky Sport ** Luxembourg – Sky Sport ** Macedonia – Sport Klub ** Malta – GO ** Mexico – Televisa ** Montenegro – Sport Klub ** Netherlands – Ziggo Sport * New Zealand – Sky Sport ** Nor uega – Viasat Motor ** Poland – Polsat Sport ** and Eleven Sports ** Portugal – Eleven Sports ** Romania – Telekom Sport ** Russia – Match TV * Serbia – Sport Klub ** Slovakia – Sport TV ** Slovenia – tv2 * South Korea – Star Sports ** Sweden – Viasat Motor ** Switzerland – SRG SSR * and Canal + ** Turkey – S Sport ** United Kingdom – Sky Sports F1 ** United States – ABC (four races) * and ESPN **

* Open broadcast

** Payment issue