We are less than two weeks away from the Horror Show at Extreme Rules, where we currently have a couple more confirmed fights. This time, we bring a round of WWE News, which will undoubtedly make people talk about everything about the blue brand.

In today’s edition we will see why Vince McMahon is allowing full control to Matt Riddle in backstage.

Finally the saddest rumor going strong that former WWE champion is very close to giving up WWE.

WWE News: Jeff Hardy is being buried on SmackDown as he could resign

Jeff Hardy has been fighting with Sheamus for the past few weeks on SmackDown. The dispute has been highly controversial, as fans and critics have disliked Jeff Hardy’s real-life references as part of a story.

Every week Sheamus comes out and scolds Jeff Hardy for being an alcoholic and addicted in real life. Now, although many thought The Enigma will take revenge inside the ring, even that did not happen. Sheamus defeated Jeff Hardy in his fight on WWE Backlash.

According to Tom Colohue, Jeff Hardy is ready to leave WWE once his contract expires and that is why he was buried on SmackDown. This is what Tom from Sports Keeda reported:

”The worst part of this whole story is that Jeff Hardy is unlikely to win. He has been buried leaving the back door because they cannot convince him to sign a new contract. He just doesn’t seem interested. If they can convince him, they would probably start writing stories that really work in their favor, but right now, this is not in anyone’s best interest. ”

Vince McMahon impressed with Matt Riddle

According to Paul Davis of WrestlingNews.co, Vince McMahon is very happy with Matt Riddle. Apparently, it was Vince McMahon’s idea to schedule the segment where Matt Riddle reveals why he fights barefoot because he loved the story when he heard it backstage.

WrestlingNews.co was told that Vince McMahon loved the story when he first heard it. McMahon loved the story so much that he let Riddle tell it on SmackDown. Riddle is allowed to give more information for his promos than most.

Last week on SmackDown, Matt Riddle stepped out into the ring and explained why he fights barefoot. The reason is that as a child he froze and felt uncomfortable wearing shoes. This way you can now always go without wrestler boots.

It’s also surprising that someone like Matt Riddle has more leeway with his promos. Though many argue that Riddle has instant charisma, though his promo certainly felt boring at certain points.

WWE News: Miz reveals why he lost his stellar fighter push

Finally The Miz broke the silence of why he lost all his stellar thrust, and revealed that I had to do mostly with the change of creative staff in WWE. He was one of the protedigos of some writers, but when the transition came, the new ones in charge, had other plans.

They practically used Miz to consecrate other superstars, giving him his place and current role in the company. It’s certainly sad to hear considering that he starred in WrestleMania 27 and is now stuck in the middle lineup.

With this we finish the round of WWE News, we hope that our portal is to your liking and we will continue to bring the best inforamicón soon.

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