Former UFC Artem Lobov admitted that he has “no fire in his heart” after losing in a bare-knuckle fight to Denys Berinchyk

Conor McGregor’s sparring partner and former UFC star Artem Lobov admitted he has “no fire in his heart” after losing his last bare-knuckle fight, falling to Denys Berinchyk in a sandbag caged fight that led to out in Kiev.

Lobov survived two counts against an undefeated professional boxer, a light heavyweight silver medalist from the 2012 Olympics and former king of the Berinchyk University Boxing World Championships, until the judge stopped the bout that left his face marred and full of blood. . The fight took place with the fighters surrounded by sandbags, providing an interesting setting for the show.


The 34-year-old had been endorsed by McGregor before the showdown with big favorite Berinchyk and after the fight ‘The Russian Hammer’ stated: “I knew Denys is a high class fighter, so I wanted to fight him. If I go out, I try against the strongest and aim for the stars. If it doesn’t work, you’ll be close to the Moon.

“Congratulations Denys, it was a great honor for me to perform here. Most likely I will retire. There is no fire in the heart that there used to be »Lobov closed.


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