Former Trump casino is reduced to rubble (Video)

A spot on Atlantic City’s Boardwalk where movie, sports and rock stars used to party – and a future president honed his knack for bravado and hype – was reduced to a dusty mountain of rubble Wednesday.

The old Trump Plaza casino was destroyed by implosion when its deterioration was such that pieces of the building broke off and fell to the ground.

A series of roars shook the building around 9 a.m., it shook like a wave from back to front and finally fell in the middle of a gigantic cloud of dust that engulfed the beach and the Boardwalk. The collapse of the structure was completed in less than 20 seconds.

“It gave me the creeps,” said Mayor Marty Small. “This is a historic moment. It was exciting”.

Small calculated that the rubble mountain is about eight stories high and will be removed by June 10. Environmentalists could use a portion for their project to build an artificial reef off the Atlantic City coast.

Other parts of the casino-hotel complex facing the Boardwalk and Pacific Avenue, the main artery of the casinos, were not included in the implosion. They will be demolished in the near future by heavy machinery, not explosives.

Once the jewel of former President Donald Trump’s casino empire, its demolition paves the way for a huge development opportunity in the middle of the Boardwalk, where the Plaza used to be touted as the “centerpiece of Atlantic City.”

“It’s amazing how we put Trump Plaza and Atlantic City on the world map,” said Bernie Dillon, the casino’s events manager from 1984 to 1991. “One night before a (Mike) Tyson fight, I stood by see two guys having an intimate conversation: Jack Nicholson and Warren Beatty. “

“That happened a lot: you saw Madonna and Sean Penn come in, Barbra Streisand with Don Johnson, Muhammad Ali, Oprah sitting with Donald at ringside,” he recalled. “It was a special time. I’m sorry it’s over ”.

Although the former president built it, its current owner is another billionaire, Carl Icahn, who acquired the last two Trump casinos in 2016 after his many bankruptcies.