Former Televisa host to join the program Venga la Alegría | Instagram

After betraying Televisa and being Behind bars, this controversial driver He will join the program « Venga la Alegría », he also has a complicated past that made him stay away from Mexican television for a while.

Apparently more changes are to come to both the program and the television company of TV Azteca, as it is rumored that a fairly controversial is about to join the excitement.

The driver we are talking about is nothing more and nothing less than Mario Bezares, who is known as « Mayito« and remembered for the dance » El gallinazo « .

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However, he was arrested in 1999 after being a prime suspect of the as3sinat0 by conductor Paco StanleyThat is why he spent a year and a half in jail.

Mario was released in the year 2001 after being exonerated of all the charges he was blamed for, but sadly his life changed forever even if his innocence was proven.

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Due to this, the driver who worked for Televisa, left the medium for a while and worked in theater.

Years later Bezares joined Multimedia, where he was in charge of « Acábatelo » for more than 10 years.

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However, in this program he was also involved in a scandal to be defendant for alleged child abuse and announced that the broadcast would go off the air a few months ago.

It is worth mentioning that Bezares had a controversial exit of the Televisa television station, where he triumphed and achieved fame with Stanley.

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When Stanley left the company for reasons conflictsBezares followed him to TV Azteca, where they stayed for a year until the assassination of the host, who is the father of Paúl Stanley, host of the morning show Hoy.

And now, according to Dael Quiroz from Arguende TV, I would like the Monterrey to come to the morning soon to ask him front to the competition on Televisa.

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In addition, it is also rumored that the driver has a appointment this week in the CDMX in the offices of the Ajusco to speak with Ciurana of a possible entrance to the television.