Among the most striking features of the Xbox Series X is the DirectX 12 Ultimate, which will support the Variable Rate Shading (VRS), which will significantly affect how a game is viewed in relation to the performance of the machine. It has not been made official that PlayStation 5 will also feature VRS, but it is speculated that it will also be supported by certain developers. Given this uncertainty, gamers are wondering why Sony hasn’t talked about it, and a former Sony developer recently responded to concerns, saying Sony still has “many secrets.”

Via Twitter, former chief software engineer Matt Hargett responded to fans’ concerns about the lack of information surrounding the VRS. According to the engineer, it is difficult to talk about this feature because the support would vary not only from game to game, but from each scene to each game.

“I would add that it is difficult to talk about the VRS because the degree to which it would aid performance would vary by game and possibly by scene by game. Given the 50 minute limit [de la presentación de Cerny en la presentación del PlayStation 5], I think Cerny did a splendid job talking about the main characteristics ”, expressed the engineer.

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Sony would still keep several secrets

The possibility of PlayStation 5 having VRS support is also questioned because, according to some users, no information appears in the AMD leaks. Given this, Hargett mentioned that it is because not everything appears in this data, since Sony still has several secrets.

“Many many things that have not been seen in the leaks. There are many secrets that are well kept, “said Hargett.

The statements of this former Sony engineer are somewhat interesting, because they agree that there are still functions of the PlayStation 5 that are not yet revealed, in addition to that some developers consider that the new console has many attractive features that were not communicated during the event of Cerny.

What do you think of this information? What secrets do you think Hargett is referring to? Do you think the PlayStation 5 has VRS? Tell us in the comments.

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It is not yet known when the PlayStation 5 will debut, but it is expected to arrive in late 2020. You can find more news related to it by checking this page.

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