Former RBD can go to prison, Christian Chávez accused by his ex

Former RBD can go to prison, Christian Chávez accused by his ex | .

A little over a year after former members Christian Chávez was denounced for his ex-boyfriend Maico camper for having “lashed out at him”, the Dutchman’s lawyer reveals that the authorities have not paid much attention to the case despite everything being ready to link the actor to the process.

“The Prosecutor’s office has not wanted to continue with this situation, the folder is still on standby in the face of a possible prosecution, the issue is that this investigation folder from the legal point of view already has sufficient evidence data to carry out the exercise of criminal action, I mean to go to a control judge in criminal matters of Mexico City and that it is the judge who continues with this whole situation to clarify the facts on the occasion of the complaint by Maico against Christian ”, expressed the attorney Oscar Mora.

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In addition he also had a interview to Windowing where it dwells indicates that they will go before another legal instance so that the process can resume its course and can be finalized.

“If the Prosecutor’s Office does not resolve this situation soon, we, as Maico’s legal advisers, have to go to a control judge to express the omissions that the Prosecutor’s Office is having in order to continue with this procedure,” he says decidedly.

In addition, there is also a very important question about the actor and singer, it will be that he could pass this process in jail or not.

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“The law establishes that I know if it links you to the process, in general terms, that is, if you are subjected to a criminal process before a judge, one of the precautionary measures that may be imposed on you of the 14 established by law is The justified preventive detention in this case, but it is not compulsory, will depend on the level of measures with which Christian represents before the authorities, in front of the victim, in front of the investigation, and the possibility that he may or may not be able to escape. to this procedure, but that will be debated in the initial hearing, we cannot anticipate ”.

Finally, Maico’s defense emphasizes that despite the fact that his client is not closed to an agreement, Torio repairs the indifference of Christian Chávez is what has forced him to take more measures in this case.

“What Maico wants at this time is to go before a control judge and for the control judge to resolve this situation,” he emphasizes.

That’s right The former RBD member is ignoring him and this is what gives Maico even more courage.

Recall that it was through a statement where Christián’s lawyer assured that the version that has circulated in the media is not completely true, and even indicates that his ex wants to extort money from the actor.

We will have to wait a little longer to see what triggers this case in which the actor may possibly be affected.

Bull and bear update 7-23-2021.

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