Former President of Mexico Vicente Fox will be part of the series “Backdoor” – Las Noticias de Chihuahua – Entrelíneas

With the intention of criticizing the absurdity and the ridiculous of everyday life, the second season of “Backdoor” arrives on television, and this time with former Mexican president Vicente Fox as a special guest.

“(The capsule) will be from a reporter who does an interview with the former president and every time he wants to answer she interrupts him with a new idea,” said actress Verónica Bravo about Fox’s participation in the program, in which she stars alongside Luz Aldán.

In addition, the series was recorded at the Fox Center, the former president’s own space (2000-2006), where for a time the actors were kept isolated to follow health and security protocols to avoid coronavirus infections, as reported in a conference.

In this space 146 capsules were recorded, 35 more for the Facebook page and the recordings continue because outside this space they will record 75 more.


Brazilian producer João Vicente, also founder of the Porta dos Fundos production company, a project in which they were inspired to make “Backdoor” in Mexico, said that this series is a comedy that exhibits current issues such as racism, machismo and many more that have recently been discussed.

“I think the problem is when you laugh at the oppressed and not at the oppressor, humor helps society to debate ordinary situations, in Brazil we used to laugh at homosexual people as if it were comical and now I think we all know that it is not like that. , humor should respect society and it is what we are always looking for ”, he mentioned.

A year ago the success of the series was proven when one of its chapters went viral on the internet. It was about “Harina”, an episode in which in an anti-drug operation a policeman goes crazy after trying cocaine.

The public’s acceptance was such that a series dedicated to the police officers for 2021 is now confirmed, according to the actors and the Comedy Central team in the virtual event.

The second season of “Backdoor” hits the screens of Comedy Central and Amazon Prime Video complete on November 19 and features performances by Alfonso Borbolla, Memo Villegas, Michelle Rodríguez, Yuriria del Valle, Daniel Tovar, Tato Alexander, Jerry Velázquez and Verónica Bravo, among others.

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