Former President Donald Trump sends a message to the Cuban people

Former President Donald Trump spoke about the historical moment that Cuba is experiencing and the United States’ policy towards the island, after thousands of people took to the streets demanding freedom.

Miami World / telemundo51

In an exclusive interview with journalist Marilys Llanos, the former president sent a message to the Cuban people and referred to what he had done from the White House.

Did you intend to invade Cuba during your tenure? Did you consider doing it in Venezuela?

During his administration, the US government tightened sanctions against the Cuban government, virtually eliminating the possibility of sending remittances to the island.

In the interview, Trump also harshly criticized the response of President Joe Biden’s administration to the crisis.

After the interview, the leader of the Miami Dade Democratic Party, Manny Díaz, launched harsh attacks on the former president.

If you want to see the statements of the Democratic politician, who defends Biden’s position regarding Cuba, you can enter HERE.

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