Former Nigerian soccer player Christian Obodo manages to escape kidnapping

Former Nigerian international footballer Christian Obodo, 36, who had been kidnapped on Sunday in the Delta state managed to escape, he explained Monday.

Obodo, 36, was abducted by unknown gunmen on Sunday in the southern city of Warri, police spokesman Onome Onowakpoyeya told ..

“They pushed my girlfriend out of the car,” he explained to . by phone, adding that in addition to the two assailants, a third armed man was in another car behind.

“I prayed and tried to have a conversation with them and asked them what I had done, they yelled at me and told me that if I made noise they would kill me. When I looked behind and saw that I had space, I ran,” explained Obodo.

Onowakpoyeya confirmed that Obodo had been briefly abducted and was now free.

Kidnappings for ransom by criminal gangs are common in Africa’s most populous country, particularly in the oil-rich Delta region.

Obodo was already kidnapped in the same region in 2012 and rescued a day later by the police. Then his hostages demanded $ 188,000 (149,000 euros) for his release.

After playing for Fiorentina and Udinese among others, the former midfielder ended his career in 2017 at Apollon Smyrnis.

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