Former MPs Arrested In Hong Kong Over Parliament Riots

Three former Hong Kong MPs from the pro-democracy opposition were arrested on Wednesday for their involvement in riots that occurred several months ago in the Legislative Council (LegCo), the local parliament, which was examining a text to penalize insults against the Chinese anthem.

Former MPs Ted Hui, Ray Chan and Eddie Chu reported on social media that they were arrested. The police confirmed his arrest for “offense” and for having “administered a harmful substance with the aim of injuring or harming”

This accusation is due to the fact that the trio had dumped a rotten plant and a fetid mixture of liquid manure on the green parliament carpet, which gave off such an odor that it forced the session to be suspended.

The parliament of the semi-autonomous region had to vote on a controversial text that provides for three years in prison against anyone who committed an offense against “The March of the Volunteers”, the Chinese national anthem.

The bill was adopted shortly after in another room at LegCo.

Only half of the LegCo members are elected by universal suffrage. The rest are appointed through a complex system that almost certainly guarantees a majority to the bloc favorable to the Beijing executive.

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