Former mayor of Colón, Querétaro, will face trial in freedom


After just over 10 months in prison, the former municipal president of Colón, Querétaro, Alejandro “N”, he will face criminal proceedings against him – for alleged damage to the public treasury – in freedom.

This day the hearing was held to review the nature of the precautionary measure in prison Alejandro “N” for the “crimes of corruption due to an alleged economic impact on the municipality of Colón, in 2017 and that exceeded 40 million pesos ”.

For the case, the judge upheld the accusation against the exedil and decreed the continuation of the criminal proceedings against him.

The judge in the case decided to change the precautionary measure consisting of surveillance to that of precautionary medicine, with the prohibition of leaving the state, as well as not approaching any headquarters of the municipal presidency, or the home of any witness.

Likewise, the criminal process continues with an intermediate hearing where the evidence against him will be presented.

Later, they will be relieved in court so that their responsibility in the facts is determined by the trial judge.

It was on August 13 of last year that Ochoa Valencia was arrested for alleged damage to the public treasury estimated at 40 million pesos, along with two other officials.

According to information issued by the Superior State Inspection Entity (ESFE), it was from a complaint filed by a councilor of the municipal administration of Colón and the test data provided by the inspection body that the grievances were detected in the Public Account 2017 of that municipality.

For this reason, an investigation folder was initiated that concluded with their prosecution and the obtaining of a judicial arrest warrant against three defendants, including the former municipal president.


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