Graeme Lowdon surprises again with his artistic skills

The British already portrayed the Mercedes driver in 2017

Graeme Lowdon, a former head of the Manor team, as well as a talent for undertaking and directing projects, also has a gift for art. The Briton has taken advantage of the quarantine to draw Lewis Hamilton in a somewhat peculiar way: with a typewriter!

Lowdon was the boss and director of the Manor Formula 1 team and supervisor of Manor Motorsport at WEC after leaving the premier class in 2015. However, he has also been noted for his impressive works of art on his social media profiles.

The Briton has taken advantage of his confinement at home to surprise again with a portrait … but this time simply with a typewriter and a lot of patience. From an image by Lewis Hamilton, the end result is most spectacular.

It is not the first time that Lowdon is encouraged to draw Hamilton. He already did it in 2017, yes, by hand. Interestingly it was on a return flight after a race. The moments when you find the most inspiration.

Here we see another masterpiece fruit of boredom on a flight back home. Lowdon does know how to take advantage of those hours that for many seem completely lost. Ayrton Senna on paper and with little more than a pencil and a lot of skill in his hand.

Two years ago one of his drawings became a charity initiative in favor of the Jules Bianchi Association. The French pilot died in a tragic accident in Japan when Lowdon was in charge of the Manor team.

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