Former host of the Hoy Program loses exclusivity with Televisa

Former host of the Hoy Program loses exclusivity with Televisa | Instagram

The Donkey in trouble! It has been revealed that the beloved former driver of the Hoy Program is not in his best moment, as the beloved Jorge Van Rankin not only was it taken from the morning star of Televisa, but they have also notified you that you will lose exclusivity with Televisa.

According to TV Notes, Donkey Van Rankin He has not reacted very well after being notified that this month of April would be the last of his exclusivity with Televisa, a television station where he has worked for more than 30 years.

The beloved former driver of the Today Program Apparently he is having a very bad time since this would be the last month in which he would receive a check from the television station; this despite the fact that everything is going very well with his series 40 and 20.

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In the article in the famous entertainment magazine, they pointed out that they interviewed a person close to Raúl Araiza’s close friend and shared that 40 and 20, the comedy series is doing great with its new season, but that could be the end.

This source indicated that last year two seasons of the television program were launched due to its success; however, that the current season could be the last since one of its protagonists, El Burro, would have terminated his exclusivity with the famous television station.

He assured that the 57-year-old actor was very disappointed by the decision of the television station since he claimed to have a solid friendship with the executives so he felt safe to continue belonging there.

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Apparently Van Rankin would have asked for an explanation, but there was no return and they pointed out that despite no longer having exclusivity he would have the doors open to continue working at Televisa.

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Despite withdrawing his “safe check” from the former colleague of Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta, the company wishes to continue working with him and they point out that they spoke with the producer of the series so that the host of Members to the Air would continue recording more episodes, and that ensure 40 and 20 is quite profitable for the company.

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They added that Jorge Van Rankin did not agree since he feels betrayed by the company to which he has always been loyal and that he had even given up an opportunity in a Netflix series to continue in 40 and 20 for the success they had and love to your company.