Guardians of the Galaxy: Footballer Luis Henández became Yondu on TikTok | INSTAGRAM

The fun videos that the former footballer has shared on his TikTok have been the idea of ​​his wife, Liz Ramírez.

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This story began when Liz was quietly browsing social networks, when she suddenly found a meme from her same husband in an image that refers to the great similarity that Yondu (Guardians of the Galaxy character) has with Luis Hernández.

This happened because the aforementioned shared on his TikTok profile a video characterized as the fictional character, quickly caused a stir and went viral due to the great similarity, said clip, entitled: “Ok, ok, they already discovered who I am ».

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Hernández has taken advantage of social confinement to share various videos, some of them with comic overtones, however, he has mentioned that the ideas of the videos are from his wife, referring to the fact that he participates for fun.

“I give all the credit to my wife, Liz, because I have a wonderful partner in her. The account was hers, she invited me to go out in some Tik Toks, people liked it a lot. Later she gave me the account and to date we are making videos, ”said Hernández, the Mexican media.

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Through the clips that Hernández has shared, he also refers to his sports career, in fact, in one of them he pretended to be a FIFA 2020 character and referred to his qualities as a footballer in each of the teams he was on.

Course that started at Cruz Azul and ended with Veracruz, although he did not leave out his participation in the 1998 World Cup in France, where he scored four goals, he also played four games with Boca and scored two goals.

Likewise, Hernández confesses that they do not make TikToks « just to do them » like most of the users within this platform, he also mentioned that they have given him very cool comments and make them feel that they are helping to have a good time during the time in confinement. Social.