Former footballer Jesuli explodes against Pedro Sánchez: “Uncle shit, how disgusting you are”

The storm Filomena has returned to portray Pedro Sanchez. You just have to pull the newspaper library to see the leader of the PSOE criticizing the previous Government years ago after a snowstorm similar to the one that has hit Spain now for not having taken the appropriate measures. The now President of the Government, who did not appear during the worst moments of the storm, then hit himself on the chest to say that he took charge of the matter when the communities had already made their decisions.

In short, a new episode of cynicism by Pedro Sánchez and the current social-communist government that has caused many Spaniards to explode, including the former soccer player Jesuli. Whoever was a player for Sevilla, Celta or Real Sociedad, among others, has exploded in Instagram against the President of the Executive by recovering those videos from the newspaper library and harshly charging Pedro Sánchez.

Jesuli’s hard attack

«Really, I gave you a slippers all over your face. ‘Alpargataso’ all over your face. The one that I gave you … Brave uncle shit, how disgusting you are », writes Jesuli above the video in their Instagram stories. Pedro Sánchez is heard in the background exactly two years ago, in January 2018, saying the following: «During this weekend we have seen thousands of vehicles trapped on the roads due to the snowstorm. The Government limited itself to predicting the storm but not putting the resources necessary to avoid its consequences. The PSOE has demanded appearances of the Ministers of the Interior and Development and we will demand political responsibilities.

«Government also that after the snowfall crisis is a government exhausted and hidden, It is a basic elementary question of transparency and accountability, the Ministers of the Interior and Development have not yet appeared in the Congress of Deputies to give an account of their terrible management at the head of both departments “, added the now president of the Government. Surely it sounds familiar to you. Jesuli has not been able to contain himself and has attacked Pedro Sánchez as he did before against Pablo Iglesias.