Former EXATLON contestant Frank Beltre is missing

Telemundo Frank Beltre

Frank Beltre became one of the most beloved athletes in the fifth season of EXATLON, which in a few weeks will enter the final stretch, and despite being expelled from the reality show in April, his loyal fans do not stop expressing their support and affection and to be aware of all their movements.

For this reason, fans of the 31-year-old athlete have greatly missed the Dominican, who has now disappeared from the public eye on his Instagram account for almost two months.

The American football player, who used to be very active on the social network, and who even after being expelled from EXATLON, amid rumors about alleged use of drugs and cell phones, did a live to talk to his supporters, has not returned to leave a trace on Instagram.

After having shared a couple of messages on his Instagram account, in which he claimed to be very well and was very calm, even hinting that at that time he could have the chance to return to the EXATLON grounds, Frank Beltre has not returned to post anything.

The former EXATLON contestant seems to have taken off and his disappearance in the famous social network has caused an alert among his fans, and sadness among others who were used to knowing details of the player’s day-to-day life, from his own voice, through his messages .

The last time Beltre fans saw him appear on Instagram was on May 11, that is, 44 days have passed, six weeks without the athlete who disappeared in those cybernetic directions.

“I know what I bring to the table. So believe me when I say that I am not afraid of eating alone ”, was the last publication shared by the Dominican, where he was seen in a photograph in a kind of restaurant, without any company.

Beltre has not appeared on Instagram since, and his fans want to hear from him.

“The Almighty bless you”, “You need it”, “why alone?” and “I hope to see you soon”, have been some of the comments that the absence of Frank Beltre has generated among his followers.

The calmest believe that the player would be taking time to dedicate himself to himself and his family, after the hard blow that meant having been expelled from the Telemundo reality show, whose exact reasons still remain completely secretive.

In his “live” with his fans, last April, Beltre did not reveal the reasons why he was removed from the program with Denisse Novoa, but clarified that his image was impeccable, as he did not commit anything serious.

“They keep saying that Telemundo has not said anything to clean my image. But, honestly, the only ones who are saying something negative about me are social networks; they are those ‘spoilers’, that go around saying that they found me that if I what (rumors about drugs) … that’s a lie ”, said Frank at the time. “Now, when we talk about image, the only image that matters to me, to me, to Frank Beltre, is the image that my mother, my two sisters and my niece have of me. And whatever happens, whether I return to EXATLON or not, I will always continue to be my mother’s pretty boy, the bodyguard of my two sisters and the heroes of my niece. That will never change. “

And as the days go by, Beltre fans hope that he will appear on his Instagram account as soon as possible so that he will tell them what he is up to, what is happening with his life and how he is after his time at EXATLON.

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