Former driver of Hoy in romance with driver of Ventaneando

Ex driver of Hoy in romance with driver of Ventaneando | Instagram

If God knows … let the world know! A mutual friend of Mauricio Mancera and Linet Bridge ended up throwing them upside down, or at least that’s what TVyNotas magazine says. The magazine has launched an article in which it assures that it spoke with someone close to the former driver of the Today Program and the host of Ventaneando, who would assure there is a romance between them.

The supposed friend indicated that the dear Mauricio Mancera and Pati Chapoy’s collaborator have been friends for many years, the same that now that Puente is separated from her husband it became something else and now they would have become a couple.

The source assured that although at the moment they have it a secret, Linet Puente and the former host of Venga La Alegría will end up shouting their love from the rooftops since there is nothing wrong, they are both famous, single and handsome.

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Linet Puente moved viewers when on air and in front of his fellow Windowing He confessed that he had ended his relationship with the father of his daughter. Although many were surprised that he carried out this action, others applauded his courage and felt the support of Pedrito Sola and his other colleagues.

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For its part, Mauricio Mancera More has been said about his foray into various television shows than about his personal life. The former host of El Hormiguero a few months ago was part of the Members al Aire program of Unicable, where he shared credits with Raúl Araiza, Paul Stanley, El Burro Van Rankin and others.

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Mancera went to this program when he was still a partner of said characters in the Hoy Program, then he left the morning of Televisa and finally, he was fired from Members on Air. The beloved host shared that this was the first time he was fired from a TV show, but it didn’t take him by surprise.

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Mauricio Mancera confessed that he realized that his days were numbered in the program when he observed that his colleagues had been renewed and he had not, while there were rumors that they were thinking of new faces for the program; This is how at the end of his contract, he left Members on Air.

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