Channel 5 showed on its Twitter account a series of disturbing videos that caught the attention of users on social networks.

Content strategies on social networks have had to become increasingly relevant to brands.

An element that we cannot lose sight of is the one that warns us about the role that brands play in the midst of contingency.

The design of a content strategy has become key in communication through social networks, this at a time when it is important to highlight the value that a brand achieves, in order to improve the activities it carries out within networks social, where communication has become a key task.

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The former CM from Channel 5 explains the reason for the disturbing videos

Victor Lara Espinosa He is the former community manager of channel 5 and in a text published for Medium, he has revealed why he published the famous disturbing videos on the channel’s social networks, which generated great controversy.

Lara’s idea of ​​clarifying her strategy is because she has wanted to prevent people outside her occurrence from profiting from the controversy generated.

The former channel 5 community manager said he was under pressure to increase social media reach, user interaction, and a higher number of views of shared content.

This led him to think that users in social networks have a great interest in “strange” things, so he had the opportunity to upload these videos that ended up becoming viral randomly between June 15, 2019 and the first April 2020, the day he was fired by the channel, even though he made the channel a global trend.

Due to this, the CM assures that he is currently looking for a job, after he was fired despite the idea of ​​publishing disturbing videos, at least two per week, was even motivated by his superiors.

Given the incongruity of the dismissal, he assured that he is looking for whoever hires him and his best promotion is that he is a CM who knows how to attract the attention of a rat child, so he made his email available, [email protected], to receive job proposals.

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The strategy of a good CM

The construction of content strategies that a community manager must follow has a series of recommendations that have been listed by Sprout Social where it is noted that the most recommended thing to do as a community manager is the use of videos, answering questions and intervening in conversations, while the most criticized actions were laughing at customers, commenting on political issues and using vulgar language.

In these cases, what is important to take into account is the relevance of a good content strategy that manages to add value to the brand.

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