Former Axtel customers dissatisfied, new companies do not comply

Clients of Axtel, a Mexican information and communication technology company, have expressed their dissatisfaction with the transfer of the services they contracted with that company to the subsidiaries of Izzi: Televisión Internacional, S.A de C.V, TV Cable de Oriente S.A. de C.V., Cablevisión Red S.A de C.V. and to Telefonía por Cable S.A. de C.V. (Megacable).

Profeco has indicated that prior notice to the Federal Telecommunications Institute, and as established in Article 9 of the Federal Telecommunications and Broadcasting Law, the Izzi and Megacable companies obtained telecommunications equipment and other technologies, as well as assets to provide Internet services. , telephone and pay television.

Profeco is pending that the contracts between Axtel and its clients or users are respected.

Article 198, third paragraph, of the Federal Law on Telecommunications and Broadcasting, establishes the obligation that the services to users or subscribers be guaranteed, in this case those of Axtel, then as new providers Izzi and Megacable must migrate the services in equality of circumstances. They must also guarantee the right to terminate the contract if it is not in the subscribers’ interest for those companies to provide the service.

This article refers to the term of a concession and to which it can be tendered or assigned by the Federal Telecommunications Institute, to protect the rights of users or subscribers, which obliges Axtel to migrate them to other services or concessionaires in equal circumstances.

In order to provide Internet, telephony and pay television services, Izzi and Megacable registered their adhesion contracts, which were authorized by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office for the Consumer with records number 751-2019 and 16-2020.

All this information was transmitted to Axtel users. In addition, Profeco claims to have been in constant communication with Izzi and Megacable to avoid breaches of the contracts established with migrated users.

Profeco offers its advisory and conciliation services to Axtel users, now transferred to Izzi and Megacable, who consider their rights are not being respected.

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