Former Amazon Engineer Creates Cat Meow Translator

Within the ranks of former Amazon engineers, we may find one who is looking for us to communicate much better with our cats.

Amazon has hired many very interesting people throughout its history, and it is that among all the engineers who have passed through this company, you never know what all these people are capable of if you give them the creative freedom to do what they want.

This is precisely what we will see next, as a former Amazon engineer created something everyone is going to love: a way to understand your cats’ meows. Almost as if this is a dream come true.

No then meow

Wouldn’t you like to be able to communicate with your cat in a much more direct way? It is surely something that you have wanted to do for many years, but the reality is that it is not so easy to know what your cat thinks at all times.

At least it wasn’t until now, well a way has been created to know what your cat wants through its meows and using only one application on your cell phone.

This app was created by the engineer Javier Sánchez and is called MeowTalk, which is based on the principle that cats emit nine different meows, each one with a different intention that tries to communicate some need or something that happens to them.

That means that if your cat feels any kind of pain, This one will emit a meow different from the one it would emit if it is hungry.

What this app does is translate those meows into our language with simple words through the use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. But first You need the app to be able to hear a few meows from your cat so that it becomes familiar with these.

The app is still under development at the moment, but You can now download it for both iOS and Android, so it’s time to start understanding your cat.

Life it keeps getting much more interesting don’t you think?