Forget Martha Higareda, Livia Brito showed off on a swing

Forget Martha Higareda, Livia Brito showed off on a swing | Instagram

The beauty actress, Livia Brito, starred in one of the sessions in which she once again showed a large part of her charms by wearing a skin-colored outfit, which made her stand out even more by appearing on a swing, making one of the last postcards of Martha Higareda from the beach.

The histrionic, Livia brito, showed once again that he can do without majestic natural settings since his beauty stands out anywhere, a photo session and a swing, were the key to the postcards that left all his followers delighted.

In days past the actress of “The soulless“She starred in a photo session in which she used a scenery in the middle of nature, it should be said that this has become one of the insignia of the popular Cuban artist in several of the snapshots she publishes on the social network.

It was a photograph that would not only be one of the favorites but also touched everyone, the model recalled her childhood stage by posing in one of the swings like those that hang from the trees.

You do not know how I loved to get on the swings as a child and spend hours there my #BebesDeLuz.Do you like it ?, wrote the 34-year-old artist.

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Undoubtedly one of the postcards that could have enchanted the “aLIVIAnados”, as Livia Brito Pestana calls her loyal followers who left several reactions and 172,683 likes after reacting to this publication.

I loved them too .. How beautiful Livi … But how beautiful, were some of the messages that the “babies of light” responded to the native of Ciego de Ávila, Cuba.

The “TV actress“She appeared in three photos in which she wore an outfit that delighted the pupil of her 5.9 million followers who were more than captivated by the beauty of the” influencer “who showed a lot of skin through a blouse that showed more Beyond the garment, which also happened with the short shorts she was wearing, which left her beautiful legs uncovered.

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It should be remembered that the hot season came to be installed, so now Livia Brito will have no qualms about indulging her fans with this and many other sessions in which some of her marked areas are captured in several of the images she shares on her Instagram account.

Undoubtedly, the endearing presenter of “Dancing for a dream” leaves everyone speechless in each of her reappearances, it was a few weeks ago when the television and film actress Martha Higareda starred in a video on her Instagram account where she appears on a swing . To see the video click here.

The remembered protagonist of “Amar te hules” increased the temperature in social networks after she completely showed her back in a video that she shared through her Instagram account.

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Everything indicates that the actress of “No manches Frida” took a trip to the beaches of Tulum, it was one of her publications where she seems very relaxed from a swing that was just a jump from what looked like a jacuzzi.

The interpreter of various characters on the screen never turned her face to the camera, the Tabasco woman seemed to want to give just a taste showing her marked back and her loose hair with a hat on.

Life always shows you many colors, he wrote in the message that accompanied the short recording.

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It is worth mentioning that the two recognized figures of the show did not stop being highly flattered by their respective admirers, in the case of Livia Brito, her career has been consolidated mostly on the small screen while Martha Higareda, since she was a teenager, made her way into the world But without a doubt, both share something in common and that is that their beauty never goes unnoticed.