Forget about reverse charging on the iPhone, at least according to Bloomberg

For some time now, it has been seen how companies try to present different variants of wireless charging technology in order to make it more attractive. From accessories capable of storing our files while we charge the mobile, to external batteries that do not require cables, among others. However, one of the most interesting features is the so-called reverse load.

MagSafe Duo chargeriPhone 12 and Apple Watch on MagSafe Duo charger.

As its name suggests, reverse wireless charging allows you to use the battery of your mobile phone (or any compatible device) to power other devices. This feature is present in several Android phones, such as the latest Galaxy. However, and although Apple has tried to implement it, no iPhone supports it.

From what little is known, Apple has been debating the possibility for a while to allow your iPhones to reverse charge. In fact, the latest iPhone 12 seem to have the necessary hardware for it. However, as indicated in Bloomberg, it does not seem that they will make it possible in the near future.

This feature is not especially critical. In fact, wearing it can sometimes seem uncomfortable. However, it is true that it would be perfect to charge accessories such as AirPods or Apple Watch no need to use multiple cables. It would be enough to place them on the back of the terminal, and it would take care of the rest.

battery magsafe concept“MagSafe Battery” concept

In other products like the MacBook it looks even more meaningful, since we could even load the iPhone itself while we work with the laptop. And let’s face it, the more plugs left the better, because we never know when we might need one.

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As indicated by MacRumors, the FCC itself has already registered the iPhone 12 as devices capable of using reverse charging. Thus, Apple could have the keys to this function in its hands, and the possibility of it being accompanied by possible external MagSafe batteries is being considered. In any case, we better keep our expectations low, because it seems unlikely that they will activate it overnight.