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By Karen Brettell

NEW YORK, Jul 28 (.) – The dollar index rebounded on Tuesday from a two-year low, but seemed destined to suffer further weakness as coronavirus cases continue to rise in the United States and the Federal Reserve is expected to maintain policies. ultra-lax currency.

* Compared to a basket of six outstanding currencies, the greenback rose 0.18% to 93.71, after falling to 93.47 on Monday, its lowest level since June 2018.

* As there were no new events to support the move, analysts said the dollar is likely to be consolidating before declining again.

* « I think the market is just taking a break, the dollar has been incessantly winding down, » said Vassili Serebriakov, currency strategist at UBS in New York.

* The euro was down 0.26% at $ 1.1720, after hitting $ 1.1781 the day before, its highest level since September 2018.

* Republican and Democrat senators faced tough negotiations on Tuesday about the best way to recover from the coronavirus pandemic, after the former announced an aid package four days before millions of people lost their unemployment benefits.

* The ultra-lax policy of the Fed also affected the price of the US currency, since the institution indicated that it will keep interest rates close to zero in the coming years. * The greenback was down 0.29% against its Japanese pair, at 105.06 yen, after falling earlier to 105.01 yen, its lowest level since March 13.

(Edited in Spanish by Ricardo Figueroa and Carlos Serrano)