On the other side of the Alps, the resumption of the championship begins to be envisaged. So much so that, in the coming days, the elite clubs may well repatriate their foreigners who have left to confine themselves to their native country.

In Italy, the population will remain confined at least until Monday, April 13, but hope is reborn in the country. Because for the first time since the start of the coronavirus crisis, the country saw on Saturday decrease the number of patients hospitalized. The peak of the pandemic has passed, however, more than 600 deaths have been deplored in the past 24 hours…

The country is therefore still far from having overcome this evil, yet already the football leaders are working on the resumption of Serie A. Irresponsible behavior or logical anticipation? Everyone will be free to make an opinion, but the fact remains that the resumption of the competition is seriously considered, in mid-May in the best of cases, even if this scenario appears highly improbable. Because before the first official matches, players will need three to four weeks to get back into shape, including first sessions in small groups.

The quarantine that is a problem

However, according to the Corriere dello Sport, the elite clubs are thinking of repatriating their foreign players at the end of the Easter weekend, even if the confinement is extended until the very beginning of May. Because one thing should not be overlooked: quarantine. Argentines, Spaniards, Brazilians or any other national from countries outside Italy are subject to an isolation period of 14 days. They will therefore have to observe it when they return to transalpine soil, while they may not even have finished it in their country of origin for some.

During this time, it was impossible to train properly in order to regain the rhythm of the competition at the highest level. The puzzle, to meet government and health requirements, could therefore be quite complex to solve.

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