Ford will share its knowledge of the connected car with other brands

Based on road safety, the blue oval firm announced that it will share information with other automotive manufacturers to warn of potential dangers when traveling on a highway.

With this, this connected car technology would allow similar protocols to be established, regardless of whether the cars involved are not from the same company, but they can act in real time to prevent an accident.

In particular, Ford’s system called Local Hazard Information, assists the driver in advance if there is a potential danger, such as when exiting a curve when traveling on a highway.

In this way, the Local Hazard Information system seeks that these alerts are also made available to other drivers, regardless of whether they have a Ford vehicle or not.

Peter Geffers, director of Connected Vehicles at Ford of Europe, noted that the connected vehicle “helps drivers anticipate potential dangers that await them around the corner. Ecosystems for the exchange of data related to road safety are more effective the more vehicles and telematic sources intervene “.

Under the auspices of the “Data for Road Safety” initiative, Ford will share technology of this type with brands such as BMW, Mercedes-Benz or Volvo.