Ford will send you a notification to your mobile if they are trying to open your car

The car thefts they are still the order of the day. Although it is true that with the pandemic there are many people who spend more time at home, the numbers of stolen vehicles are still worrying, as thieves also adapt to new technologies to carry them out. Some are prepared to clone keys and there are others who are straightforward to act fast and don’t mind the alarm going off. So Ford wants to send a notice to the mobile to the user who tries to steal the car.

To try to solve these thefts, the mark of the oval launches the SecuriAlert function in their cars. It was previously known as Guard Mode and was only available on commercial vehicles. Broadly speaking, it is a reinforced security system connected to a smartphone that is capable of alerting the user in case of possible theft. It will serve to provide extra peace of mind when parking on the street or the car is not well controlled.

Its operation is very simple and it is only necessary for the user to activate or deactivate SecuriAlert via the FordPass app. When it is activated, what it does is control the different sensors of the vehicle to detect any type of intrusion. Even when the doors are unlocked with the key, SecuriAlert send a notification to the smartphone as well as the last known location of the vehicle to verify that everything is correct. In this way, access attempts with a cloned or stolen key could also be identified.

For a normal use without it being warning all the time, it would be enough to deactivate SecuriAlert from the application. This safety feature is made possible by the connected vehicle services that Ford has active since last year in all its new models. In addition, it recently announced a partnership between manufacturers of connected vehicles to warn drivers of dangers on the road. It is clear that technology still has a lot of potential in this area and that we will see news in the coming years.

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