Ford Study Shows Danger Of Driving With Headphones

Permanently connected. Without being able to touch the mobile phone while driving, at the risk of being hunted and punished, the most feasible solution is through headphones, although they are also prohibited. Some use them as hands-free, and others even to listen to music. A Ford study has shown the danger of this device, which increases reaction time.

It is common to hear that reaction times at the wheel are essential to save lives, and that despite using prohibited devices such as hands-free or headphones, prohibited in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom, drivers believe they remain vigilant. driving and are not distracting. Quite the opposite.

But a Ford study for increased road safety disproves these false theories, showing a significant delay in recognizing hazards while driving. With more than 2,000 participants across Europe, the blue oval brand has proven that drivers with headphones react up to 4.2 seconds later to the events that occur on the road, especially those that pose a risk of accidents. An analysis that you can see in the following video.


The study presented a special drill to measure the effect of headphones on responsiveness, thanks to 8-D sound technology, considering factors as important as road use and listening habits. The participants used a mobile application – «Share The Road: Safe And Sound» – that generates very real sounds, for example an ambulance siren, measuring the reaction listening to music and without it.

The result of the sound experiment commissioned by Ford has shown that 4.2 seconds to identify and respond to a dangerous situation while listening to music. Just enough time to be involved in an accident. In fact, after the test, the participants were asked their feelings, and a large majority agreed that they would use headphones again while driving.

The study developed by Ford is one more part of the “Share the road” project in which the American firm is working to improve road safety. One of other applications developed such as the «WheelSwap» glasses, which allow you to see the consequences of reckless driving or a special jacket for cyclists that uses emojis to convey its intentions to other users.

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