Ford has launched a new ad campaign indicating it is ready to resume car production

Ford It has begun to resume operations after the stoppage caused by the coronavirus contingency. The oval brand has released three new commercials that share the message “Built for America, Showing the automaker developing medical supplies, including respirators and fans.

The videos show how workers in Ford They turned the focus of their jobs to begin creating medical supplies, in addition to honoring the resilience of a nation ready to meet the challenges of returning to work.

The campaign was carried out by the agency Wieden + Kennedy and the main voice of the narration is borne by the actor Bryan Cranston. This campaign will be launched through the social networks of Ford and on television for the next two days from this Wednesday.

“As a country as a whole, as we go through a crisis, it has been really impressive how resilient and strong and flexible American workers have been,” he told CNBC. Kumar Galhotra , President of Ford for the Group of International Markets and the Americas. “We simply want to honor them with this campaign and give a note of optimism as the country returns to work after this difficult period.”

An important fact that shows the commitment of Ford The health of the population is that after closing its factories for automobile production, the company has produced more than 400,000 reusable surgical gowns made of materials used to make airbags and other durable fabrics.

Ford also began delivering Ford-designed motorized air-purifying respirators to front-line health workers. Furthermore, it is expected that General Electric and Ford produce 50,000 fans for the United States government, under the Defense Production Act, for $ 336 million.

Galhotra also shared that the production of EPP (Personal Protective Equipment) will continue in the near future “as long as the country needs it”. Those facilities, he said, were created within his factories, but operate entirely outside of their normal production structure.

Ford He clarified that for the making of the videos of this campaign he also mixed archive images, in a way that followed the security guidelines so as not to use a large media production team.


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